LHM Frame cabins

Frame cabins

LHM frame cabin looks almost as stavlaft house, however, it has some advantages comparing to it: – Tight construction secure perfect insulation what results in low energy loss – More flexibility in planning interior: rooms, bigger open spaces and large windows – More possibilities for modern design if massive hand cut details of a log house are undesirable. – More interior/exterior décor/ finishing material possibilities: wood, stone, plasterboard, etc. – Any special design on the façade is available

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Wood used in house production is supplied by UAB Medenis that belong to LHM company group. This company was established in order to assure the highest quality of wood materials used. Construction timber is supplied from Sweden. Wood strength class C24 – suitable even for heavy loads. The insulation, as well as the moisture and wind insulation, are installed from inner side to protect the structures from the effects of the environment when the house is being assembled. In order to ensure the stability and durability of the house, the construction timber is specially dried to no more than 18% of moisture.


According to the client’s preliminary project, with needs stated, a final house project is being prepared. The details of the interior and exterior of the house are described in detail on the “customer sheet”: the floor of each room, the walls, windows and doors, etc. The house design is being prepared with a professional software for 3D house design.


The house is produced and assembled at the premises of the company. Then all its parts are marked according to a special plan, the house is dismantled and brought to the construction site. The assembling on site takes 1-4 days. The house is assembled by a specially trained team of professionals – to ensure proper assembling without any mistakes. Interior finishing takes up to 40 working days, although it depends on a project. On average – house with 100 sq. meter of living space is constructed in 3 weeks.

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