Lithuanian prefabricated wooden house cluster together with company CCPM Service have organized the seminar for the participants of the largest construction trade fair in Baltics RESTA2017 in 2017 April 28th.

Critical Chain Project Management – as a tool for increasing company operations activity was presented during the seminar. The company CCPM Service shared their experience on how with the help of critical chain project management techniques it is possible to successfully implement large construction projects just-in-time.

In the second part of the seminar Lithuanian wooden construction sector was presented, best foreign practices were shared and finally there was a discussion on what should be done in order to make wooden construction more popular in Lithuania. During the discussion there was quite a lot of opinions, although two main aspects could be emphasized that would help to foster wooden construction in Lithuania: The update of Lithuanian construction regulations and larger amount of success stories publicized. PrefabLT strategy also contributes to the implementation of these activities, therefore we hope that in the near future more and more commercial and individual buildings in Lithuania will be built using wooden panel and modular technologies.