PrefabLT unite

Leading Lithuanian and foreign prefabricated wooden house manufacturers, engineering companies and related suppliers that offer high-quality and client oriented products and services both in Lithuania and abroad.


PrefabLT Help

Member companies to raise the competences in manufacturing efficiency, sales, business management and other areas. Cluster contribute to development of members’ competitive advantage through new product development, quality management and joint marketing activities.


PrefabLT eepresent

Lithuania as successful Prefab country, strive to raise the awareness of prefabricated wooden construction, update the Lithuanian construction technical regulations and promote cluster companies in order to contribute to increase of member sales.

Implemented projects

The majority of PrefabLT members’ production are being exported to Scandinavian markets and through long-lasting work experience companies have accomplished a lot of successful projects.

PrefabLT members

Lithuanian prefabricated wooden house cluster members – timber-frame, wooden panel and modular house manufacturers, engineering companies that provide highest quality products and services.

PrefabLT associated members

Lithuanian prefabricated wooden house cluster associated members – prefabricated wooden house related components manufacturers and suppliers.

Advantages of prefabricated wooden houses

Ecological, high energy class housing

Prefabricated wooden houses (timber-frame, panel, modular) fully meets nowadays construction requirements and standards. Cluster companies are using modern manufacturing and construction technologies that enable companies easily meeting the A, A+ or even Passive House Standard requirements of energy efficiency.

The probability of occurring mistakes is reduced to an absolute minimum

Detailed drawings and manufacturing specifications are being prepared before the production of structural parts of the house. Therefore all challenges and issues are being solved before the production and construction. Also this brings client an opportunity to see a 3D model of his house or even take a virtual tour before all construction works have started.

Fast construction with no negative environmental impact

Structural elements of the house are being produced in the factory and come with pre-installed windows and doors, exterior finishing, etc., therefore the assembling of the house in the construction site could take only from few days to few weeks (depending on project specifications).