Who we are?

LHM builds high quality custom designed wooden houses. From foundation to the key – LHM offers a full range of services of the house construction: we will prepare a  project, manufacture and assemble the house even with full interior installation.

House assembly in 1-4 days: Houses are assembled by trained and experienced crews to ensure the quality of the house installation. It takes 1-4 days to assemble the house constructions at the customer’s site.

LHM designs and builds:

  • Log & stavlaft cabins: LOG cabins are built by experienced lafters using traditional Norwegian building method. Each connection is hand made using traditional craftsmanship. STAVLAFT cabins– Stavlaft is a combination of log and frame construction. Stavlaft building technique is very popular in Norway. The ground floor is built using frame constructions and the upper floor is built like a traditional log house. The advantages of the stavlaft house are: higher thermal insulation value, more interior decor options, freedom to select preferred facade and pillar designs.
  • FRAME cabins: LHM frame cabin looks almost as stavlaft house, however, it has some advantages comparing to it: – Tight construction secure perfect insulation what results in low energy loss – More flexibility in planning interior: rooms, bigger open spaces and large windows – More possibilities for modern design if massive hand cut details of a log house are undesirable. – More interior/exterior décor/ finishing material possibilities: wood, stone, plasterboard, etc. – Any special design on the façade is available
  • LIVING houses: LHM living houses are build of timber frame, and can have any type of outside and inside finishing. Just like with mountain cabins, LHM try hard to be the best choice for customers who do not want standard house models with economy level materials. We are always proud to offer solid, exclusive, top quality solutions, materials and the work.

LHM furniture and stairs:

We keep solid wood craftsmanship traditions – furniture that lasts for generations.  

  • Most of our furniture is manufactured from slow-grown northern Swedish pine. The slow-grown wood has tight growth rings what results in durable and stable furniture. Customer can also choose oak, ash, sipo and other sorts of timber.
  • Furniture elements are manufactured using an automated CNC machine that ensures the highest possible quality, fast manufacturing process and simple installation of the furniture.
  • We normally include installation service in our contracts. This way we make sure customer can relax – he will get the best result with no stress. 

High precision manufacturing guarantees exceptional stair quality and delivery on time.

  • All wooden staircase elements are manufactured using an automated CNC machine that ensures the highest possible quality, fast manufacturing process and simple installation of the staircase – no cutting is usually needed. 
  • We know how important is to finish the project on time. Therefore we follow agreed terms of delivery strictly and responsibly.     
  • LHM stairs comply with highest safety requirements, they are manufactured and installed by qualified and skilled craftsmen. We provide a 5-year guarantee for wood stairs and constructions. 

Highest quality in every detail!

implemented projects

Several examples of LHM implemented projects.