UAB „Liskandas“

Who we are?

Liskandas is a Norwegian and Lithuanian share capital company that produces houses according to a durable Scandinavian technology. This technology has been a primary standard for houses built in Norway and Sweden since the date the company was established. Today, we are building houses all over Europe.

Liskandas produces external and internal wall, ceiling and roof wooden frame elements with full exterior and partial inside finish.

Company is client-oriented and pursue to accomplish quality and safety needs of individual clients. We are building houses following specific project of a client or could prepare the set of drawings according to presented sketches and design wishes creating individual exterior details. Our client is a main participant in project‘s creative/design process.


We have Long-term experience in wooden house production. We provide all possibilities to implement individual projects and needs of every client. Flexibile communication and cooperation between company and client in terms of technical details, quality, construction, financial or transportation decisions - is a key strength of ours.


We are producing and assembling individual wooden-frame living, holiday houses and their annexes as well as low-rise public buildings. Wall, floor and roof elements are pre-fabricated in the factory and transported to the building site where they are assembled.

We are inspired with your ideas – we create homes using your dreams, our thoroughness and Scandinavian secrets!

Types of houses

Through long time working experience we noticed forming our four types of buildings. But in general we don’t classify our houses and use this classification for guidance only.


Garden line

Garden line is the most simple construction type we can offer to our client. This type of construction is normally used for camping houses, tree houses and garden offices.


Holiday line

Holiday line is for summer houses, holiday homes. This type of building can by easily used as a residential home in warmer climate countries.


Living line

Living line is for residential living. In such a house will be warm and comfortable to live even in cold winter in Northern Europe countries.


Passive line

If you are searching for economical solution we offer You a construction for passive house. We also welcome energy saving ideas from You and happy to adapt it in our construction.

Implemented projects

Several examples of implemented projects by JSC Liskandas.