UAB „Timber Design LT“

Kas mes esame?

JSC Timber Design LT is innovative structural design company, delivering solutions and static calculations for multi-story buildings, based on timber frame modules, CLT (cross laminated timber), other engineered wood or mixed structures.

We are universal specialist of big scale massive wood and timber based prefabricated construction. Our clients are biggest producers of prefabricated modules in the Baltics. We also work for the projects of biggest developer of CLT semi-modular hotels in the world.

We mainly do structural design of multi-storey apartment houses, shops, arenas, industrial or office buildings. They could be based on prefabricated timber-frame or CLT modules, elements, CLT, glulam etc. engineered wood or mixed structural solutions. In 100% of projects static calculations are delivered. In 70% projects – complete working drawings.


Our team has experience of total more than 120.000 m2 of such projects. Majority of them are in Norway and Sweden, but we are active in Denmark, Finland, Belgium, etc. European countries and North America.

Main activities

Consultations and pre-studies; static calculations; 3D modelling; workshop drawings; assembling drawings; architectural drawings; supervision of installation; 3rd party control and consultations.

Experts of wooden construction structures!

Implemented projects

Several examples of implemented projects by JSC Timber Design LT.